Trail Map with GPS Track

Jenny Creek Ski Trail Elevation Profile

The Jenny Creek Ski trail offers fun cross country skiing terrain. The route depicted here, one of many options, took us on the Jenny Creek Ski Trail, to the Moffat Road (Rollins Pass Road), up the road almost to Yankee Doodle Lake, then back to the Jenny Creek Ski Trail to head back home. The total distance was a little over 13 miles. Options for shorter routes are pointed out in the text below.

Take the elevation profile shown above with a big grain of salt. My GPS receiver reported elvations at the start and end of the trip that were inconsistent with each other. The elevation profile does capture the gist of the trail though: climb up the bunny run at the Eldora Ski Area, descend to Jenny Creek, climb along the Creek, pick up the Moffat Road and climb for a while, then descend along Jenny Creek until you have to climb back to the Eldora ski area.

Jenny Creek Parking Area Waypoint Marker

Park at the Jenny Creek trailhead parking area which is on the left hand side of the road a couple of hundred yards before you enter the Eldora Ski Area parking lot. Walk to the southeast corner of the parking lot, near the nordic center, and start skiing from there. Follow the nordic trail that runs up the left hand side of the green alpine ski run. At first, the nordic trail is separated from the alpine run only by a rope. At the top of the hill, the nordic trail enters the trees and runs near the alpine ski area boundary.

Jenny Creek Trail Access Waypoint Marker

Leave the alpine ski area by taking a left into the woods at the sign for Jenny Creek Ski Trail access.

Jenny Creek Trail Intersection Waypoint Marker

Take a right at another sign for Jenny Creek access.

Jenny Creek Trail Intersection Waypoint Marker

The trail tees into an access road. Turn left and watch for the Jenny Creek access sign upcoming on your right.

Jenny Creek Trail Intersection

Take a right onto the Jenny Creek Ski Trail at the sign. This part of the trail has a southern exposure, so the snow conditions deteriorate here more quickly than on some other parts of the trail.

Jenny Creek Trail Clearing  Waypoint Marker

At the end of the descent, the trail runs through a clearing. Keep going west on the trail. If you go east, you will end up in the nordic ski area. Shortly after you leave the clearing heading west, there is a fork in the trail. Stay on the Jenny Creek Trail by taking the left branch of the fork.

The Guinn Mountain trail starts at the right branch of the fork; this trail climbs 4.4 miles to the Arestua Hut (elevation 11,100 feet). After half a mile of climbing, you have the option to take a left onto a trail that descends back to the Jenny Creek Trail at waypoint 7 . Taking the Guinn Mountain Trail, descending to the Jenny Creek Trail, and heading back east makes a nice loop.

Trail Intersection

At this point, the cutoff trail from the Guinn Mountain Trail drops in from the north. Keep going straight to stay on the Jenny Creek Trail.

Jenny Creek Crossing Waypoint Marker

Stay north of the creek here to stay on the Jenny Creek Ski Trail and head toward Yankee Doodle Lake. Or, cross the creek to head southeast and reach the Moffat Road (Rollins Pass Road). The comments that follow assume you head southeast to the Moffat Road.

 Moffat Road (Rollins Pass Road)

The trail takes you to the Moffat Road. Take a right, heading northeast, to take the Moffat Road toward Yankee Doodle Lake. Warning: the road is exposed to wind; snow coverage may be inadequate for skiing. Unless the conditions are great, expect rocks. Shortly after joining the road, the road turns westward and the Jenny Creek drainage is on your right.

Leave Moffat Road (Rollins Pass Road)

We didn’t have enough time/energy to go all the way to Yankee Doodle Lake on the Moffat Road, so we were watching for a spot to leave the road, cross Jenny Creek, and pick up the Jenny Creek Ski Trail to head back east. The descent from the road to the creek was quite friendly at this point. The trees are much thinner than they are just east of here.

Rejoin Jenny Creek Ski Trail

After carefully crossing the creek, we were only about 30 yards from the Jenny Creek Ski Trail! Head east and you’ll reach the Waypoint 7 intersection. Take the Jenny Creek Ski Trail back to the clearing at Waypoint 6, From there, climb back to the Eldora Ski Area.