WestHost Web Hosting

I use WestHost ($6.95 VPS Web Hosting) to host eddiebyrne.com. I started out with a cheap Windows/IIS web host, butI ran into a brick wall trying to get seo friendly domain names with Drupal. This required Apache modRewrite.

Westhost’s Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL setup worked great for my Drupal site. I love the Virtual Private Server concept, which gives you the flexibility to configure and control your own Apache instance.

I’ve since switched from Drupal to WordPress, but I won’t be switching web hosts any time soon.

I also like the way WestHost handles multiple domains hosted in a single account. I pay a one time $10 fee to add a domain; my monthly fees are unaffected. This makes Westhost a great choice for hosting multiple sites as long as the total bandwidth is low enough.