On Saturday September 9, Superior held its sixth annual Old West Chili Fest celebration in Superior Community Park. Contestants came from across the state to participate in the International Chili Society sanctioned event. (Yes, there is an International Chili Society). After some showers earlier in the day, the weather cooperated for the afternoon event.

There is more than chili to the Old West Chili Fest. There were activities for children including a petting zoo, a rock climing wall, and jumpy castles.

Superior Old West Chili Fest 2006 Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

Superior Old West Chili Fest 2006 Climging Wall

Climing Wall

Although entry to the event is free of charge, you have to buy tickets to taste the chili. Tickets are 25 cents a piece, or five for one dollar. One ticket buys you a small (sample) cup of chili. Two tickets buys you a cup of ‘restaurant chili’ (chili made by restaurants??). Eight tickets buys you a full bowl of chili.

Superior Old West Chili Fest 2006 Peublo Chernobly Chili Tent

The Pueblo Chernobyl Chili Tent

The chili cookoff contestants were set up under tents. They served a mix of “People’s Choice” recipes (chili made for general consupmption, not for judgement in the contest) and chili’s made for the contest.

Superior Old West Chili Fest 2006 Mean Green Chili Machine Tent

The Mean Green Chili Machine Tent

As if chili is not entertaining enough, a Beatles cover band called “The Fab Four” played on a stage. They have a good look (actually two good looks, one for the young beatles and one for the old beatles) and a good sound. My question is: “Where is Yoko?”

Superior Old West Chili Fest 2006 Young Look of the Fab Four

Young Beatles Look of the Fab Four

Superior Old West Chili Fest 2006 Old Look of Fab Four

Older Beatles look of the Fab Four

Local vendors and organizations also had a presence at the Chili Fest. The Boulder Valley Human Society’s Mobile Pet Adoption Unit was there. Superior Liquor Market was giving away one free beer to each adult, and then offering $2 beers after the first free one. They were serving Fat Tire and Sunshine Wheat. Next door to the Superior Liquor Market tent, Rock Creek Church was serving free root beer.

The beer offering was not without controversy, however. One hesitates to complain about free beer, but there were significant ‘foam issues’ with the pouring process. I figured that this was a temporary problem, but it persisted throughout the afternoon. An employee explained that New Belgium Brewery provided the beer serving equipment and that new taps were on the way.