On Saturday May 20, 2006, residents gathered at the Original Town Ballfield to celebrate Superior Day. The festivities included many children’s activities, a police K9 unit demonstration, and a vintage baseball game.

Kids enjoyed a row of tents with carnival midway games, the obligatory jumpy castle, and cotton candy. There was also a 4 way tug of war (picture an I shaped rope), water balloon toss, pie eating contest, and three legged race.

Superior Days 2006, Jumpy Castle

Jumpy Castle

Superior Days 2006, Boardwalk Games

Boardwalk Games

Deputies from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department gave a demonstration of several different roles of police K9 units.

Superior Days 2006, Boulder County Sheriff K9 Unit

Boulder County Sheriff K9 Unit Demo

A vintage baseball game rounded out the day’s events. The Colorado Territorial Allstars took on the Rabid Swans (some Cherryvale FPD firefighters and a few Superior residents). Vintage baseball is really fun to play (and hopefully interesting to watch). It’s a real mind bender if you are used to modern baseball or softball rules. Some differences include:

  • A batted ball that is caught on the fly or after the first bounce is an out. This includes foul balls and foul tips. Foul tip outs to the catcher were numerous and frustrating for the batters.
  • A batted ball that lands in fair territory and then goes foul before reaching 1st or 3rd base is a fair ball.
  • Fans are in play and can participate in the game (by catching opponent’s foul balls).
Superior Days 2006, Vintage Baseball Game

Vintage Baseball Game