Purple Park rivals Community Park as the
largest park in Superior. However there are no ball fields here, just ponds, creeks, a playground, shelter, and lots and lots of turf grass. Aside from being a pleasant place to visit, Purple Park is the location of several comminity events such as Rock Creek HOA concerts , the 2006 Arbor Day celebration , 2007 Arbor Day celebration and others.

There are two ponds at Purple Park. There are creeks above the upper pond
and between the two ponds.

At Purple<br />
  Park, Looking North Across Pond

Lower Pond at Purple Park

At<br />
Purple Park, Looking Down Creek

Upper Pond View From Bridge Across Upper Creek

A cement bike path circles the outskirts of Purple Park. This path is well integrated
into the neighborhood bike path system making Purple Park easy to access for pedestrians and bicyclists. Purple Park is also easily accessible by car; there are on street parking spots and a small parking lot at the southeast edge of the park.