Superior Community Park Playground

As the name imples, this playground is located in Superior’s Community Park. This is the largest playground in Superior. It has two separate play areas and five different play structures. Community Park is adjacent to the shopping area at Coalton Road and Rock Creek Parkway, so you can combine a grocery store trip or other errands with some fun at a playground.

Playground Inventory:

  • Play surface: gravel
  • Nine Slides !
    • Two side by side short straight slides
    • Two side by side tall straight slides
    • Two curvy tube slides
    • One tall curvy slide
    • One short curvy slide
    • One straight bumpy slide
  • Two springy riding whales
  • Eight Swings !
    • Four sling style swings
    • Four bucket style swings
  • One miniature climbing wall
  • One ‘piano’ (keys hit bells)
  • Monkey bars