South Pool Playground

The South Rock Creek Pool has a playground adjacent to the pool area. The playground is enclosed by a fence with two gates. The gate on the north side of the playground provides access to and from the pool area; the gate on the south side provides access from the bike path on the south side of the pool area. When the pool is open, the south gate is closed and you can only access the playground from the pool area. So be sure to bring your Superior ID card! When the pool is closed, the north access gate is closed and you access the playground from the bike path.

There is a mini skate park adjacent to the pool parking lot. It has a half pipe and some rails.

Playground Inventory:

  • Rubber? Tiles
  • One straight slide (medium height)
  • One curvy slide (medium height)
  • One ‘stone stairway’
  • One climbing/sliding pole
  • Monkey bars