Superior Elementary School is located at southeast corner of the intersection of Rock Creek Parkway and South Indiana Street. There are three separate playgrounds at the school. One for the younger children is in an enclosed area at the front of the school. Two other playgrounds for older children are located at the side of the school and the rear of the school.

Superior Elementary School Side Playground

The playground at the side of the school, pictured above, has a gravel play surface and the following equipment on the play structure:

  • tall curvy slide
  • straight rigid ladder
  • monkey rings
  • corkskrew pole
  • steering wheel
  • spinning log
  • swings
Superior Elementary School Back Playground

The playground at the rear of the school, shown in the photo below, has an even larger play structure. Its play surface is also gravel. Equipment on the play structure includes:

  • A pair of short, straight side by side slides
  • a chain ladder
  • a chain bridge
  • monkey bars
  • a corkscrew pole
  • swings

Superior Elementry School is adjacent to the North Community Center which consists of the North Pool, tennis courts, and yet another playground!