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The Coyote Ridge Trail is in the open space area bordered by the Rock Creek Ranch development on the north and west, the Omni Interlocken Golf Course on the east, and state highway 128 on the south. The trail climbs about 300 vertical feet and the total length is about 1.7 miles. The trail is predominantly used by hikers, but it does get some mountain bike traffic. As far as mountain bike trails go, it is technically moderate (dirt single track with lots of small rocks) and aerobically moderate (a moderate climb with a few short steep sections).

The trail is well integrated into the cement bike path system of the southern half of the Rock Creek Ranch development. You can access the trail at either Waypoint 1 or Waypoint 7 on the map shown above. Waypoint 1 is on the bike path in the green belt between the Rosewood (Castle Peak Ave) and Ridgeview (Yarrow Cir) sections of Rock Creek. Waypoint 7 is in behind the South Recreation Center.

Waypoint 1 Icon The first section of the trail, for about 0.3 miles from Waypoint 1, has some short steep climbs and descents. After that, the trail is actually “on the ridge” and the trail climbs at a pretty steady rate.

Waypoint 2 Icon At Waypoint 2, there is an intersection at which you can either keep climbing (go left) or turn back and start descending (go right). The gps track on the map shown above shows the “keep climbing” option. The climb continues up to the plateau and state highway 128.

Waypoint 2 Icon Waypoint 3, at the top of the plateau is a local “high spot” and has beautiful vistas. Weather and air quality permitting, you can see downtown Denver to the southeast:

view of Denver skyline from top of Coyote Ridge Trail
Downtown Denver from Plateau

Waypoint 4 Icon Waypoint 4 is just before the trail descends from the plateau. From here, you can look northeast to see the Omni Interlocken Golf Course, Level 3 Communications, and the Flatiron Crossing Mall area beyond. I think that this plateau is not actually formal “open space”. Rather it is an undeveloped property within Superior’s town limits. If a Superior resident happens to read this, please make your views on the future use of this property known to our town government.

view of Broomfield from top of Coyote Ridge Trail
Broomfield from Plateau

Looking to the northwest from Waypoint 4, you see the Crestwood section of Rock Creek, Eldorado K-8 school , and the Flatirons beyond.

view of Rock Creek and Flatiroins from the top of Coyote Ridge Trail
Superior and Flatirons from Plateau

Waypoint 2 Icon Descend from the plateau. The trail returns to the intersection at Waypoint 2. Take a left to continue on the Coyote Ridge Trail.

Waypoint 5 Icon
After descending for a while, you reach another intersection at Waypoint 5. Turn left to continue on the trail to the South Recreation Center . If you turn right, it will return you to the Waypoint 1 trail access point.

South Recreation Center from Coyote Ridge Trail
South Recreation Center from Coyote Ridge Trail

Waypoint 6 Icon
At Waypoint 6, the dirt trail tees into a gravel trail running behind the houses on Huron Peak Avenue. Turn right to head toward the South Recreation Center .

Waypoint 7 Icon
At Waypoint 7, the gravel trail tees into a cement bike path behind theSouth Recreation Center . Turn left to get to Huron Peak Avenue.

That’s it! Although this is not a very long ride, it is very nice to have such a trail “in your backyard” if you live in the southern part of Rock Creek. With the 300 foot climb in less than a mile, you could go nuts doing multiple loops and get a pretty good workout.

You can download the gps tracks in gpx format.