I’ll tackle this in layers:

Why renewable energy?

  • Sustainability: Fossil fuels are in finite supply on the planet Earth. Some, such as coal, are abundant enough to last for a few centuries at projected rates of consumption. Others, such as oil and natural gas, face near term ceilings on the rate of extraction (i.e. peak oil, peak natural gas). I would like to see our society transition from using fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. The purchase of a solar electric power system is one way for me to help the country move in that direction.
  • Environment: Not only are fossile fuels finite resources, but their extraction, processing, and consumption produces significant amounts of pollution. Assuming that the manufacture and operation of renewable energy equipment is less polluting than the fossil fuel based energy complex, then switching to renewable energy sources will have a beneficial impact on our environment.

Why solar? Process of elimination.

  • The tower for a wind turbine would make a serious impact on my
    postage stamp yard. Not to mention the likely HOA disapproval.

  • Between the small lot size, and the expansive soil conditions, I assume that geothermal is out. But I’ll have to check up on that.
  • Except for the occasional rain flowing through my gutters, there is no flowing water for hydroelectric power.
  • That leaves solar power!